World War One Trenches Museum!

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How much do you know about historical events?

I know about World War 2 5 vote(s) 16.1%
I know about both World Wars 21 vote(s) 67.7%
I don't know anything about history... 5 vote(s) 16.1%
  1. Lately some may have noticed that I have been doing some work on SMP1... I'm very pleased to announce that my 2-res build is now open on res' 2391 and 2392! Once you enter the res of your choice(German or British) you will have the option to buy the recommended tour book, which contains some background information on the First World War and some on my project. It costs 500r, but if you catch me online just shoot me an in-game PM and I'll give it to your for a measly 250r! That's right, half price! I also would like to a YouTube channel here:
    They produce insanely high-quality videos on the events that happened 100-years ago. Watch the 2 recap videos if you want to learn a bit about the First World War, and you might just get addicted and watch every weeks episode!

    Even if you aren't particularly interested in this kind of thing, it's worth reading so you know how your modern world came to be, and the people who sacrificed themselves to make your lives free and enjoyable.

    And now for some images...

    Full album here -
  2. If only it were easier to recreate such things in Minecraft...
  3. I think that plane looks pretty solid :p
  4. Yeah it was pretty good. When I first saw it in the screenshot my brain finished the picture and it looked like a custom model and did a double take. If only micro blocks were part of vanilla. :D
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  5. Nice!
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  6. Truly a fascinating residence. This has to be the most fulfilling and wonderful usage of dirt that I have yet to see on Minecraft. I'd recommend taking a look at these residences (as well as purchasing the tour book) to anybody and everybody who happens to have some spare time. Fantastic job!
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  7. Thanks a ton! I was thinking of using coarse dirt, but ~7500 blocks isn't easy to find! Turned out quite good anyways though!
  8. I wish.
    And tinker's construct.
    Bye bye economy! :)
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  9. Come fly a plane or charge across no mans land! Pick your side, 2391 or 2392!
  10. This looks really cool! The Plane just looks awesome :)
    In school we read "All Quite on the Western Front" (Im Westen nichts Neues) by Erich Maria Remarque and your place displayes it reall good.
    A few things to the german signs: (I'm German btw.)
    Soldaten Zimmer. "Zimmer" is a "room", I would use the phrase "Bunker der Soldaten". It's more like soldiers dugout.
    Offiziers Zimmer. Same for Zimmer here. Maybe the word "Kommandozentrale" (command center) would fit best.
  11. Thanks a lot! I was just blindly trusting google translate and of course I have no idea on German sentence structure.
  12. Even though this is a ww1 trench it reminds me of one of my favorite movies, The Longest Day. The longest day is about d-day in ww2. Anyway thank you for building this. The people who fought for the freedoms most of us enjoy today should be remembered. If you need materials or somthing you can come see me on smp7 and I will see what I can do.
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  13. Thanks for the offer, but for the time being we're done construction. Maybe in the future I will give it a few updates.
  14. This is really well thought out and made. You eve have the signs on the German lines written in German! Definitely one of my favourite builds
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  15. When will you make a scene of the battle of Mons?

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  16. Nice work! You ever play Ace of Spades? (the original, not the Steam version by Jagex)
  17. Yeah, actually I did! That was when it had just the basic classes like rifle and SMG IIRC, right? I saw it on Steam with rocket launchers and stuff, just looked... Not as fun.