World war 2. (ROLE PLAY)

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  1. Its 1939, the start of WW2. In this game, you will pick a nation, and try to win. You can command attacks, research, and go for world domination. You can be one of these nations/empires.

    United Kingdom
    Army size: 500K
    Factory's: 1k
    Farms: 3K

    Army size: 550K
    Factory's: 2K
    Farms: 3K

    Free French
    Army size: 40K
    Factory's: 10
    Farms: 40

    Army size: 580K
    Factory's: 4K
    Farms: 2K

    Army size: 500K
    Factory's 2K
    Farm's 5K

    Army size: 200K
    Factory's 1.5K
    Farms: 1K

    I am more of a god figure, meaning that I run the game. I can put in epidemics and disasters to make the game harder to win. If anyone else picks your nation, you are on a team. You cannot invent something that requires something else. (Like a nuke needs nuclear fission to be discovered.)

    NO GOD MODE. (Thats me)

    You do not have any allies at the start, you chose who you want to be allies with!

  2. First off, you said 3 nations, I count 6.

    Also, I would like to be New Zealand if thats ok, I can assure you any nation who sees our maori warriors will run away to their mommy and daddy :p
  3. Don't be silly mr2r2m, New Zealand are a part of Australia for all intents and purposes, hence the "diggers of the ANZACs", it is a proposed WWII scenario after all. :)

    Edit: after a quick peruse of post again I find there is no Australia, perhaps historical data should be revised prior to game if it is to be historically accurate. :)
  4. Hahah, said he who is part of the country that stole OUR pavlova! OUR race horse! :p
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  5. fine i take the USA lemme know if available
  6. Does this mean I have rights to take over the Misc Forum with nonsensical literature?
  7. You can use it.

    Everyone else, can we got back on topic.
  8. Can I command the nazi's dinosaur army?
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  9. I should be the nazis and make them win this time hehe
  10. Where is Russia?
  11. I'll be the UK
  12. ill be one person, VS ALL OF U!

    lol, jk.

    but sounds cool though
  13. I think this is the Empire's first official RP. Nevertheless, I'll be Switzerland.