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  1. So I am interested in getting world edit for my single player world. I was thinking some of you could help me out. :) I know how to download it and put it into the Minecraft jar but I have tried about 10 time with different like mods and versions but nothing works. I know about deleting the META-INF file and that doesn't help. I have even deleted the entire .minecraft file and re-downloaded Minecraft and it still didn't work. Any help?
  2. There's a post on Minecraft forums where you can download SPC and it automatically installs everything for you to use it. I tried it without that and was ready to punch my screen. >.>
  3. well single payer commands has world edit within it. Do I still need both?
    And about the automatic installer, I'm not quite sure if I want a program, downloaded from the Internet from some guy on the forums, messing with my application data. I'm sure you understand that right?
    And then again, there's probably hundreds of people that have used it but I'm still leery.
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  4. AH HA! I was doing it all wrong. I did the installation the logical way witch apparently is not how you do it :p
    I suppose it pays to read the spoiler!

    I will try to install it in my free time today and tell you how it works. Thanks for your help!
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  5. Ok, I downloaded and installed the mod correctly and it works!