World Easter Eggs

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  1. When the reset happened a while back JustinGuy said that there are easter eggs to find in the new worlds. ( I am guessing they have all been found so I am sure everyone would love to see them all! If you know where one is please post a picture and/or a description of where it is. :)

    Easter Eggs:

    SMP6 - Bottom of the well in the village
  2. Whats in the well?
  3. Herobrine's victims. (i.e. You)
  4. hard to explain. I suggest you check it out! :)
  5. Found it :p
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  6. I think there's a huge rainbow at one of the SMP3 outposts.
  7. cool I will check it out!
  8. nothing :(
  9. Look up tehre is a wool rainbow!
  10. what portal?