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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by GeneralWillikers, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. Okay so how do I dowload a world to my minecraft account for single player anyone know?
  2. Ha, no.

    Here's what I do, download the world you would like, then you take the folder inside the zip folder with the actual world inside of it, drag it to your saves folder in your ,minecraft folder, load up minecraft and it is there!

    You don't need a mod BTW, just do it the actual way than having a virus infected mod to do it.

    Also, avoid using, try using media fire or drop box to download you worlds.
  3. The World Downloader mod allows you to take a multiplayer world ant download it to singleplayer.
  4. I'm sure this isn't what willikers needs
  5. Ha, yes, actually.

    The question can be interpreted two ways. One, how do I download a multiplayer world into singleplayer? In which case, amadai would be correct. Two, how do I download a world from online into single player? In which case... you gave a very vague answer.

    Willikers, can you clarify your question for us?
  6. okay so i have dowloaded 2 world dowloads have each in their own folder and what is a minecraft folder or the zip?
  7. so i dowloaded 2 worlds each in own folder. i would like to wove them so i can access in my sp worlds.
  8. Do %appdata%, then .minecraft, then saves.

    Also go into the world's zip file, you should, in theory, see a separate folder that isn't a zip but rather an unzipped folder, drag that to your saves folder in the .minecraft file in %appdata%
  9. not following
  10. Then follow me :D

    Also someone explain to him better, I can't explain better than what I did here :p
  11. Windows button, search for %appdata% press enter look for .minecraft double click on it open saves folder paste world folder in. I was too lazy to use commas.
    Mac question, not my thing.