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  1. Well first thing is first - I am Caleb Ferguson - also known as:

    Minecraft - WCG_Elite
    Xbox360 - (Formerly ( sniperZElite ; Fuf_Elite ; WCG_Elite ) Currently - Bi Swag )


    Yes, as you can tell by my xbox names in order - sniperZElite ... i was in a clan known as 2pac
    2pac was a clan with me and 2 other friends on mw2 (We haven't lost yet)

    2nd name was fuf elite ... after i started playing again i played with other friends and joined their clan ... Fuf (face your fears) ... i became a captain - the founders got mad at me because i was better than them and threatened to report me - so i took all of their members with me and started my next clan

    The next clan was why i changed my name ... I became the founder and owner of World Class Gaming - (btw no MLG has ever beaten us - that's why we're world class gaming - the best of the best ) ...

    atm, though - the clan is no longer active for people started making fun of me for :

    1) Not being straight
    2) Because they thought i couldn't have fun cause i never lost
    3) Everyone was becoming envious or moving to other clans...
    and finally 4) Because i'm an Actor and perform alot and didn't want to deal with it at the moment


    Really simple :

    i've been in multiple clans and multiple servers in times past
    i've also had my own servers but no longer up for private issues
    lastly, i've also been a moderater and admin for servers - helping build any construction, project, or keeping things under control on any server that would ask me to...


    Well if you read in previous sentences or posts you'll know these things about me :

    1) I'm still in school (yeh - still a kid xD )
    2) I'm a boy
    3) I'm not straight - plz don't make fun
    4) I'm an actor - I like to perform musicals and drama shows
    5) I have a 4.0 - Have an early scholar grad - NHSS award - State Winner of FBLA - over 70 college credits of dual enrollment, and 30 high school credits so far ... so don't take me for a low I.Q. kid :)
    6) I don't know what else to say - but thanks for reading about me :p
  2. Welcome to EMC! Enjoy your stay!

    Also.... First reply xD
  3. oh. lolz.
    I used to be like that when i first started visiting social networking sites and etc.
  4. well you sound interesting.

    and good for being open about homosexuality
  5. How sad:(
  6. if at an moment I seem immature just remember i'm 14. well that's completely understandable with an abusive father. I myself have never seen anything so rough
  7. Welcome! I'm still trying to find out what sexual preference I'm in, so do not worry about anything. Most people here should be mature enough not to bring it up in an insulting or homophobic way. I am sorry for the less then desirable childhood. But, you have a whole lot of life in head of you, so enjoy it now, and forget the past if you need to. :) Welcome to the forum business. Also, I do like your profile photo. :)