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  1. Hello fellow minecrafters, i have been playing on SMP 5 and i have notices that rupees are hard to earn! loging in every day to earn 100 rupees ain't gonna cut it! we need workplaces! like someone needs to go out to the wild and get some wood for the server shop! or someone goest out and gets fish(food)...
  2. Make a shop. From what I know, the EMC shops never run out.
  3. i know but they can make them like have a stock ! i cant gather enough resources to make one!
  4. Just sell wood. If the shops would run out, our economy would fail.
  5. heh you are right but wood? hmm it would be good but not enough to give me money!
  6. Woods always needed. Basic tools, crafting tables, charcoal, and for fuel for a stove.
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  7. Hmm... Ur right... Fear sir. But what if i need cobblestone for like 1 rupee and i dont want to mine
  8. I could make you a gen for 100R.
  9. Ok seems like a deal ! At which continent do you live?
  10. Want some free seeds? :)
  11. No thnx