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  1. Very nice find. :)
  2. Question, could we invent a descriptive word for this? Please? I really want a word.... at least so we can mention it to other people. Cause right now, there is no description and no way to explain anything about that.
  3. Oh my GAWD!

    There is literally no word in existence that could possibly describe the awesomeness incarnate that is this guy and his creations. I think I had my first nerdgasm upon seeing this :confused:
  4. I would kill for depth of field and bloom effects.
  5. WOWZERS!!!! That is just, just.... words cannot fathom what I am thinking right now ...... :confused:
  6. He spent so much time into these videos, yet doesn't have as much subscribers as those random Lets Players. Very sad.

    If Notch had known about these videos, I have no idea how happy he will be.
  7. I agree man, thats just soooooo sad!