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  1. Boston Red Sox just won the 2013 World Series! I used to live in Boston and I grew up there, always a fan. Great to see yet another amazing win! We beat the St. Louis Cardinals 6-1 :D

    Discuss the World Series here :p
  2. I don't watch baseball. I'm very confused.
  3. Yeah!!!!! Red sox win! Haha dad u lose. :D (he bet me $20)
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  4. its where a bunch of sweaty men run around handling balls and long sticks
  5. I like the chicago cubs :)
    *boo's and hisses*
    (laughing so hard my taco fell out of my hand and i dropped my sombrero)
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  7. Hey me too! Im in illinois so i have always liked them no matter how much they sucks
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  8. World Series is the set of games between top 2 season teams that decide the winner of baseball for that year :p
  9. Are you in illinois?
  10. Formerly in michigan and I have lots of family in chicago.
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  11. Yes because that doesn't sound wrong.
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  12. Trust me pie, as a guy i can tell you we have a lot worse stored in our minds :/
  13. Boston Red Sox winning?

    Unfortunately, yes.
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  14. Cards are my favorite team... We just couldn't get runners in!
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  15. Haha but the red sox are better. ;)