WoolMart [smp.7]

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  1. Hey guys, today i have opened my first(and hopefully successful) wool shop the prices for each type of wool are 2r, although they may change because the server has just launched and everything might go up a rupee or two.

    Here is a picture of the shop, yes i know its nothing special and its not made out of diamond blocks or so..

    Its perfect shop for wool, and up to 6 players can shop at the same time without any pushing around. I am currently collecting wool from my sheep to make sure there is something in every chest just in case someone comes in so don't be surprised if the shop never runs out of stock :)

    what else can i say? i cannot tell you to go there now and spend all your money.. well i wish you did but thats completely up to you :D just remember if you do become a customer i will do everything i can to make sure there is enough wool to satisfy your needs.

    P.S i can take orders for big amounts of wool for example 64 pink wool, i will collect the exact amount make a personal shop for you and you can collect it whenever you want.

    P.S2 thanks for reading all the info, i' m hoping to see you soon!
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  2. I might take you up on your offer about buying big amounts of wool :) I shall have to consult with my partner-in-crime though as we are still a bit hazy about what we are doing :p
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  3. that would be great :)