Wool respawn time on sheep?

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  1. Hey there,
    I use to farm coloured wool on sheep in the wild of SMP2 and it use to respawn on the sheep fairly fast, about 60-90secs, but now it doesn't seem to be respawning at all. Is this a bug or is it a new or update to the spawn time? It was probably not even a month ago that I was farming, stopped for maybe 2 or 3 weeks and now it's like this.
  2. Is there grass that the sheep can eat?
  3. Yeah, there has to be grass spreading for the sheep to grow their wool back.
  4. Make sure there is a lot of grass around for the sheep (like everyone said before :)). Also, having a well lit area for the grass to re-grow will keep the sheep eating grass and having wool to sheer.
  5. Ahhh that makes sense. I did it underground, both on my res and my wild farm, for the res because I already have a finished structure above ground and the for the wild because last time I did it above ground (plenty of grass) I got griefed every day so I was trying to hide it. Thanks for your help everyone!!
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  6. Yea can i have a Grass block or borrow your silk touch pick to get one :p -inside joke-
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  7. also make sure firespread is set to true if this is on a res or the grass wont spread
  8. It was an epic search for grass! LoL
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