Wool Producers? [SMP1]

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  1. Right now if you sell your wool to /v 405 on SMP1 you can get the highest payout of any place I've seen (65 rupees per stack). More important, you help me keep a good supply of wool for everyone on the server and I'll be able to bring the sale price down.

    I need every colour except red, which I have loads of right now. There is free wool at /v 911 which you can sell to me. If you need shears, I sell iron ingots as well.

    This is a great way to make rupees without having to go to the wilderness.
  2. 65 rupees/stack? Highest? Haha, I don't think so. :/
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  3. Oh what place pays higher?
  4. Mine haha :)
  5. You're still on SMP2, right? And how much do you pay?
  6. Yup, 90r/100 - I'm making the buy price higher soon though.

    There's also Leo, Jennypoo10, daddydaycare :)