[Wool Farm] 16 res wool farm free to all

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  1. Hello EMC

    once again i'm here to annouce the next smp9 colab that brings you the 16 res mega sheep farm, all 16 colors 100 sheep of each color ! Shear to drop


    Visit 18800 for the central teleports to each Sheep pen
  2. Wow death, I see these donations and your very own commitment is bringing good to us all once again. I will be sure to check it out sometime, good job :) I hear you are working on the end grinders next? ~FDNY21
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  3. How do you do this stuff. Nice work! ;)
  4. Mystul is officially out of business
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  5. Not really these farm get quite busy im sure people well still pay to have access to private ones.
    yes ill be expanding the end grinders next for 2 more big ones so gonna need lots of sticky pistions
    lots of time and effort :p
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  6. What's mystul?
  7. A player who made almost all his money off of sheeps. I dunno how he did it but I think he's made over a half a mill on sheep, if not a mill.
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