Wool art business!

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  1. I have created a few wool art things in my lifetime on EMC so....
    I thought i should make some money off of this. :p
    I can make you ALMOST ANY 2-D wool pixel art on a residence.
    I will post some pictures of what i have created.
    I hope to make a business out of this.
    ( I started every sentence with I, Isnt that Ironic? )

    Cost: The cost depends on how much wool the dimensions and effort. If its just like for an example a creeper head that will cost about 10r. But something BIGGER like for an example a gigantic heart, that would cost more.

    Supplies: You supply the wool needed.

    Orders: You can place an order below in the comments, please make them easy, not REALLY difficult like cleopatra. Im just starting out. :)
  2. Here's whats on my first residence:
    2012-06-26_22.57.53.png 2012-06-26_22.58.52.png
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  3. creepincreepers7 has a business like this you should work with him
  4. Nah, he makes statues, I make 2 - D PIXEL ART
  5. Hmmm, how good are you at tomatoes?
  6. How high? How long?
  7. Anybody?
  8. Apparently nobody wants anything....
    I could do it for free if you supply the wool.