Wooden Cabin Building

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  1. Hey guys. mrdj here and I am posting this thread for anybody who wants a wooden cabin built at their residences on any servers.

    The cost is 1000 rupeees (extra if you want to add beds, chests...)

    Inbox me if you are interested

  2. Why did you make a second thread on the same topic?
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  3. now he has the picture in the OP :)
  4. Because the other one was that the buyer had to get the supploie while I get them in this one im gonna delete the other one anyways. Are you interested in the house?
  5. In the future you can use the "edit" tool right under your post that lets you change the text. :)
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  6. ok thanks. Is anybody interested in this house?
  7. Ah, and honest to goodest EMC business :)