Woodbury Outpost [Established]

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  1. Outpost Name: Woodbury
    Founders/Leaders: zankins7 and watk4219
    Center Outpost Chest: @ -37,500 -2000 on smp3 Frontier with zankins7, MrsWishes, and watk4219
    Date Created: 5/24/2014

    Members: zankins7, MrsWishes, Watk4219

    Outpost is INVITE ONLY

    We also have a small 3 building farm with a locked chest at -37782, 730. This land was black on the livemap prior to 5/24/2014. The filled in loop was explored by zankins7.

    Please let me know when this claim is approved. Thank you.
  2. How do we get this claim established?
  3. what can we do there?
  4. wwwwalking dead!!!
  5. This is pretty much an empty piece of land right now. We are in the planning stages now. This outpost is not seeking new members yet...we are waiting to get a mod to establish this claim and then we will draw up some rules and maybe have an applications to join. Thanks for the interest!
  6. yes, i was thinking of maybe helping build..?
  7. The governor approves of this outpost.
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  8. dead man walking :D
  9. Bump for approval of claim....
  10. Please have all people currently members/building there to confirm you as Establishment owner. (why do i always have to ask that? :) )
  11. I confirm that zankins7 is Establishment owner. :)
  12. Zankins7 is Establishment owner.
  13. Only 3 members: me, MrsWishes, and Watk4219 and no one else building in this area. It was black until I uncovered it. All confirmed and thanks! Sorry we didn't do this in first posting. Let me know if we need to do anything else and thanks again.
  14. Location confirmed, a record has been made of your claim to that piece of land. Congratulations!
    Would you like the thread locked or left open?
  15. Thanks for the quick response! :D Please leave thread open.
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