Wood Store!

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  1. Need wood or saplings? Well I sell logs and saplings at a very good price! I may only sell wood products, but it is still pretty cheap! It is resident 14933 on SMP 7! Please visit us today and get cheap wood! We sell the following: Sugar Cane 24 for 3r. Wheat 32 for 2r. Seeds 16 for 3r
    Cobblestone 32 for 5r. All Planks 32 for 8r. All saplings for 1r. Oak Log 8 for 2r. Pine Log 8 for 4r. Jungle log 8 for 6r. Melon 64 for 1r. That is all the items so far.
  2. Sorry, I updated it now it has the right res number!
  3. Can you please save all your logs for me? I'll buy them all.
  4. Sure, but I can't go on servers at home but when I go back to my grandmas I'll be sure to gather some for you!