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  1. Hey all! SMP2 knows me as the resident wood aficionado, but I just wanted to show my shop to everyone on other servers too!

    I've been through about 5 different iterations of my wood shop on 2 different reses, and I wanted to share my latest architecture now that colored glass has come out! (I have grand plans coming soon, so these pics aren't indicative of the final shape!) If you'd like to come visit, come to 3443!

    Spawn, where you can see my glass tree and diamond axe (which is the only item that serious lumberjills use):

    From the side of my shop, you can see my humble little house on the res to the east. Also wave hi to my Rudolph that likes to wander between the two.

    Inside view of the Wood Shop:

    Inside view of the Flower Shop. (You can also buy Bonemeal and Flower Pots here!) 2014-01-18_11.29.02.png

    Here I am standing inside the glass tree. Everyone can access inside, just look for the TP button on the trunk!

    And every good shop has to have a bathroom!
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  2. What are some of your prices? I might be interested in buying :p
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  3. I have seen this place 2 weeks ago and it didnt even look this finished, good job oremia! :p
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  4. Prices are in one of the screenshots lol. For now it's 96r per stack of logs, 25 for a stack of planks, and prices on saplings depend on how often they drop.
  5. Ok, I will likely visit later today :p