Wood Floor Contractor on SMP2! (/v 4382)

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  1. Hello everyone! I recently remodeled my floor showcase on SMP2 - 4382, taking out old models, putting in new ones, and most importantly, EXPANDED to 6x original size to bring more designs to you!! (see my original shop here.)

    Also, due to customer input, I have added a glass walkway where you can view from above. shop.jpg

    If none of my designs appeal to you, I also do custom work (like an Aperture Science floor - see portfolio!). I will be happy to make something that is suitable for the size and theme of your residence/shop.

    I use my owntools and materials! (Materials shown in a specific floor pattern are included; however if you want more glowstone or another type of accent block, you will need to provide them yourself. I use silk touch where necessary and will return anything unused to you!)

    Prices are on all displays in the showroom. Cost depends on size of the floor as well as if there are special materials used, but generally a complete res layer (60 x 60) of only planks will cost only 3000 r. (Don't forget, I supply all materials!!)
    There is an additional fee if you need dirt dug where the floor will be. (750r for a 60x60 layer.)


    2013-04-22_20.39.31.jpg 2013-01-16_22.22.27.png 2013-04-22_20.53.00.jpg 2013-04-22_20.54.53.jpg 2013-01-16_22.23.33.jpg 2013-01-16_22.27.09.jpg 2013-01-17_22.20.50.jpg 2013-01-28_20.06.20.jpg 2013-04-22_21.04.38.jpg 2013-04-22_20.49.03.jpg 2013-01-28_21.27.03.jpg 2013-04-22_20.52.10.jpg

    Contact me (AND my trusted builder Magneto11) via PM! PLEASE include:
    - Server and Res#
    - Desired pattern name (or custom, and provide details)
    - Approximate dimensions of floor, and how many levels if a multi story build.

    I will confirm specs and price only via PM!

    Thanks everyone, and don't forget to stop by my shop at 3443 for all your wood items!
  2. YAY I see my res

    And if you cannot already tell from these pictures, these are some high quality wooden patterns
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  3. I had a floor built by oremia a while back before i reset my res, and it was amazing, might have to order another soon :).
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  4. These are incredible, if I ever need a giant floor done, I will definitely get in contact with you! (begins planning where I could put one XD )
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  5. You don't need a giant floor done at all! I've done small hallways for people that are about 4x10 in size; that's less than a stack of planks! :)
  6. oh, I guess I got a 750r discount...
  7. Your floor was before Magneto and I decided to charge extra for digging.
  8. I like the new design. You are a credit to SMP2!
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  9. Really neat designs. I might have to look for a place on my res to install such a floor. :)
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