Wood Farmer

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  1. Hello my name is TaintedSoldier. I am currently on SMP 9 and am looking for a Wood Farmer to work my wood farm. I am looking for players 18+ and dont mind working long hours on the farm. Your pay would be wood logs 32 logs of every stack of logs. Your job would be to cut down the trees and re plant the falling saplings. I currently have 4 levels to the farm birch pine oak and jungle . bottom to top in that order. Please contact me if interested. You would leave the logs in chests on the res so i can stock my shop. The reason for be 18+ plus is for that you are more then likly goning to be more trustworthy then the rest of the kids between 8-16 that troll the servers and steal.
  2. Ok update I looking for people to farm my wood farm Pine/ Oak/ Birch at 18656 on smp 9
    ALl you ahve to do is farm the trees and replant saplings then sell the wood to my wood shop on the res easy as taht. The wood prices might be a bit low but i belive that is made up for in time. I sell diamond axes as well on the res. You should be makeing anice profit. Contact me if interest.