Wood Chopper Contest!!!!

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  1. Alright do you love chopping down trees???

    Well this is for you!!

    Don't worry you must not bring ANYTHING to the contest, all will be provided.

    Upon starting all Wood Cutters will recieve a 2x Diamond Axes.

    There will be access chests for each participant.

    Entry Fee:0r

    Where?? 16803, SMP8

    Its a race for the first person to fill up a single chest with LOGS.

    All participants will start by the machine gun dispenser machine that contains a stack of each sapling and 3 stacks of bonemeal.

    Do not attempt to grief as my res has lava flow off, firespread false...

    All Participants must not have anything on their body before the event or they will be disqualified.
    Once a person fills up the chest then the competition stops. All participants must place all WHOLE stacks (only) in their chests. Each will be paid @50r per stack.

    You must REPLANT properly...

    And here's the catch, in order to remain in play you must remain in my RES at all times or you will be forced to discontinue and the wood you have cut be forfeited along with being banned from my res.

    To ensure that you are not cheating: As the contestants enter the res, their inventory is determined empty by making them pick up a full inventory worth of stacks of dirt, just to make sure nothing else is in their inventory. If they can't pick it all up, they have something they aren't supposed to have in inventory. (Quoted from a friend :D)

    Also I will gathering a few people moderate (PM if interested) And Keeping the eye on the live map so supporters must not have /hide active or I will assume that they have "left" my res.

    Prizes include....
    1st Prize One Stack of diamond (per 10 competitors=1 stack, 20 people=2 Stacks etc) And Now a Fortune 3 (thanks to dwight)
    2nd Prize Diamond Kit includes full armour, sword, pick, axe, shovel.
    Fortune 1, Eff 2! (From Dwight)
    3rd Prize Iron Kit includes the stuff like the diamond except NOT diamond lol.
    Eff2! From (dwight)

    Competition time: Starts on Saturday 14 of July 12pm Australian Eastern Standard time.
    It's okay if you come late it just means that you will be behind everyone else!
    Event Time is Saturday, 14 July 2012, 01:00:00 UTC / GMT

    Time HAS BEEN CHANGED TO 28 July.

    UTC: 02:00

    Sydney: 11:00

    Chicago: Friday 13th, 20:00
    Los Angeles: Friday 13th, 18:00
    New York: Friday 13th, 21:00

    1. CreppaNinga235
    3. Scipio94
    6. DangerousPopcorn
    7. Modernwar54
    8. SingleFin
    I will add more slots once I have got 10 people

    I need a minimum of 10 people to start.
    You are allowed to start anytime after the Starting time just remember the earlier the more you can do...
  2. 10 please! :p

    Give more detail about when the contest will take place?
  3. 1 please! :cool:
  4. Lol its not a raffle guys but okay ;D
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  5. But i wonder 2 things... were is it? when is it?
  6. Res number 16803 on SMP8 you can work around to check surroundings. P.s Jungle trees hidden somewhere....
    Time will be advised 1 week before it starts. Because you only have my res to use (ONLY) everyone is on fair playing field.
  7. Noooooo, number 6 is gone...... I will take 9!
  8. YAY more people *gets really excited
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  9. Muahaha!!
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  10. What's the date and time it starts?
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  12. Nice, and original (AFAIK) idea, TerryDaT. Good luck.
  13. Thanks :D If this is successful I shall hold one once a month!
  14. 4 please
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  15. Also In case of a Tie then I will settle it this way: First to chop a massive jungle tree wins!
  16. If I'm online at the time (which, let's face it, is likely), I can help adjudicate, if you want.
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  17. Alright Thanks!! It's on Smp8 just so you know. In fact you ccan either moderate by being present or simply just watch the live map.
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  18. BUMP!! If this hits 20 people Ill double the prize!!
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