Woo Free Portal 2 Game*.. :3

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  1. *Some conditions apply
    So I was sitting on Steamgifts a few hour ago looking for games to enter into their drawings and I noticed a forum post about a free copy of portal 2.. Normally I tend to ignore the posts on the forums over there, but I said what the heck and clicked it. The link inside took me to a website that seems to be linked to MIT and Valve and MinecraftEdu and Google and tons of other places. They teach computer programming.. Although the portal 2 game is only for US students, anyone can go onto the site and learn Java, Alice, Light Bot, and other progamming languages for free.. :eek: ..I did basic java for like 3 hours and got Portal. (Its kinda easy for me because I was taught an archaic computer language named c++ which is what java is modeled off of.. kinda..)
    The address for the website is http://code.org
  2. So, I live in the notinUS, so that means I cannot get it?
  3. Anyone can take the classes, but the games are only awarded to US Students.. I mean if I am reading it correctly..
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  4. :confused:.. So apparently the hour of code campaign ends today.. I don't if that means the games and other available prizes to choose from (for US students) ends today as well.. o3o
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