Wolves..... [The Animal, NOT EMC player]

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  1. Well, my science teacher has revealed that we must do a research paper on a mammal of our choice, so i'm choosing the Rocky Mountain Wolf. Thing is, i need something UNIQUE about this animal, but i cannot find anything about THIS SPECIFIC ANIMAL. Does anyone know anything unique about the rocky mountain wolf?
  2. Waait... Rocky Mountain? Do you live near the Rockies? I live in Colorado so I live near the Rockies. :D
  3. Nope, i live in Texas! :D
  4. OMG me too!!! what part? I live in Fort Collins
  5. Did you know Rocky Mountain wolves sometimes steal outdoor cats from backyards?
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    But that website looks VERY helpful, and now i can't decide between penguins or wolfs D:
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  7. jtc, Wolves :D

    Click em! (plz)
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  9. Wait, you can't use Wikipedia? But how do you get information than... It's almost the only website I use... :D
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  10. I can give you many facts about Rocky Mountain wolves.
    1. They are wolves.
    2. They live in mountains.
    3. The mountains are rocky.
    4. Rocky Mountain wolves live.
  11. Looks like I'm going to write a 1,000 word post on why you CAN trust wikipedia...
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  12. Why not do the paper on how the wolf evolved into the modern dog?
  13. it's a research paper on a CERTAIN animal type.
    I must have:
    General qualties
    Specfic qualties
    Intrest of qualties
  14. Done. ^.^
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  15. anone can edit it. a single person can erase all of the files there...
  16. No, they can't...
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  17. That's true, but almost everyone uses it, so they can check the right information, if it's wrong someone would basicly see it.
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