Wolves and ocelots running away???

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  1. Hello,
    I am having a problem where my wolves and ocelots just disappear every time i log out. I have lost all lot of them and i don't know what is going on or if I can get them back. I am locking them up and even leashed them. I can't get them to stay on my property. Please help me. I lost them while untamed and babies.
  2. if they were untamed and babies if they were in a pen that is larger than 20x20 they will despawn due to they not tamed and in a large space so when you unload the chunks they despawn.
    i sugest taming them or putting them in eggs or in a smaller pen.
  3. they are in a 5x5 pen made of fence in my house and they still despawn.
  4. You need to tame them before you lock them up/leash them. If they are untamed then they will despawn when you leave the chunk by teleporting elsewhere or logging out (Yes, I learned the hard way, with a Netherhound...) so make sure they are tamed first! If this is the problem and you need a little cash to buy some more wolves/ocelots then I would be happy to help :)
  5. They were in a pen 5x5 (made of fence) in my house which is bigger than 20x20 but they still despawn.
  6. Thank you yes they were not full grown i guess it takes awhile. I will buy some more.
  7. To tame a wolf you need to use a bone and ocelots can be tamed with raw fish. You need to use them on each one until you see the hearts come out, which indicate the mob has been tamed. (You may know all of this, but just to be sure that taming is about ownership and not necessarily growing :p) If you need a little cash to buy some more then just message me back here.
  8. lol i keep forgetting that the way wolves work are different than the other animals work via despawning.
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