Wolfepack (707) Mega Mall Opening Today

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  1. I am not the type of person who likes typing up long messages to my Empire Community so this will most likely be a short message for a big event.

    Some of you might know it as the mall that has been closed for a while. Some as the mall when you do /v +mall or /v +shop, it doesnt give you move access. And others dont know it at all.

    Anyways the my mall is opening up soon today in about an hour and forty minutes (4 pm my time)
    GMW_I and I will be giving away a Golden Block to each person who visits. Not really a huge drop party just an opening. This mall honors our friend Wolfegab; today is actually his 1000 day on EMC. We named it the Wolfepack in his honor. SMP1 Residence 707. Thanks, hope to see you there.
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  2. Opening in 9 minutes.
  3. great mall, great design and thanks for the gold :D
    What happened to Wolfegab?
  4. he doesnt really play much on empire anymore haha, but he comes on occasionally
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  5. He doesnt play anymore/ plays then leaves occasionally! I wish he would come back for good but it doesnt seem like that will ever happen :(. Good question though
  6. Nice man how long it take to make?
  7. well it didnt take long at first, maybe a couple of days like 3-4 to get the basic structure, item frames and chest set up, but it took me like 1/2 year to finally finish it haha
  8. heres a screen shot of my completed mega mall :)

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  9. how are they lucky?
  10. cause a shop like that takes long to make
  11. hard work=lots of profit