Wolf Building Depot

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  1. Welcome to Wolf Building Depot! We sell all your building blocks and materials. Satisfaction is our main goal! We treat everyone kindly, and we are willing to help you find something. We sell many blocks and items, so whether you're building a new house, renovating your residency, or just want to add on, we have everything you need. We are partnered with Colesta1200's smp3 Super-Mall, located at 7216. If you need something but you can't make it to our shop, file an order here on the forum and we will deliver it at no cost.
    Server: Smp3
    Address: 6219
    Owner: Adderwolf71

    Opening Soon!
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  2. This store is open, and Wolf is currently supplying me with some of the necessary items to get my renovation of Mega-Mall 7216 finished so it can be re-opened to the public. It doesn't matter if you need a small amount or multiple double chests of a building material, Wolf and I will work our butts off to get the materials to you as soon as we can. Thank you for your time, Cole out.
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  3. I actually would like this thread closed. This idea kinda died down and I no longer work on it. I am thinking of making another shop on Utopia when I get supportership, so I will get another thread.
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