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  1. You can pretty much tell the difference when I have my camera and when I forget it and use my phone, but here is my most recent band/concert photography sets:

    I'll go through my older stuff and post some of the better ones as well.
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  2. I need your camera...
  3. Wow.... Nice. I need to take that to a concert for my type of music :p
  4. take what? you asking to borrow my camera?
  5. No I'm not :p It's just "a saying" Also what camera is it?
  6. Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7 (camera)
    Samsung Galaxy (phone)

    maybe a few other cameras, I'd have to check the metadata
  7. what bands are they?
  8. most of them have labels on them, if there is one that doesn't and you want to know just post it on here and i'll tell you

    i'm not sure if you're able to see this but here are them divided up into sets and the sets have labels showing who is who as well:

    the ones that aren't labeled up at the top are Sarah Jaffe, Chromeo, and Pet Shop Boys
  9. aww, i have always wanted to go to SXSW
  10. you should, I've been going the last 3 years. I take the whole week off, it's my yearly holiday :D
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