Withers are *#@(%)@

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  1. Okay, so I admit the whole scare factor in adding them is their explosive nature, but being twice as hardy as the Enderdragon, their xp drops are piddle to the Dragon.. I have soloed both bosses after being well equipped and the Dragon dropped enough XP orbs to take me from 1 to 100 near instantly.. However, the 2 Wither I have killed have only dropped enough XP to take me from 1 to 3.. <,< ..I mean the star is needed for the Beacons, but 3 lvls of XP are not worth being blown around the screen in Explosion Fest 2k12.. :mad:
  2. I do agree that they drop a pitiful amount of xp but you do get the main part of the beacon from them which i a bonus :D I don't like them though because of the sounds they make :)
  3. I don't care about their xp, I want there star so I can make a beacon in the center of my res and have speed II in a 60x60 area. I am ok with using a suit of prot IV to get it.
  4. I will try my very best, to avoid the wither at all times, unless absolutely necessary.
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