Wither Teleporting Heartbreak

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  1. I experienced a disappointment this morning. I had just finished my bowl of Wheaties and went to defeat a wither and collect my nether star as i so enjoy. I like to do this at bedrock and was at level 5. I spawn it and start to fight it and it suddenly teleports away. Somewhere. I hear it. I see the health bar for it. But where the bleep is it. I start to look around and then it stops. All I can figure is it died. Did it suffocate? I have no idea. All I know is I lost 3 wither skelly heads that I worked hard to get.

    Unlike momentus or marlix, the creation of a wither requires player investment. If a marlix gets away or a momentus says it took too much nonplayer damage, ok. But to lose a wither is a big drag. Has anyone else had this issue? Can anyone explain how I can keep this from happening? Should I mark up the price of beacons in my shop by 50%? Any help would be appreciated.
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  2. going to try to get this fixed tonight.
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  3. Wow, that took all of two minutes. Thanks Aikar, You're the best.
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  4. I thought on Diff 5 & below, it does not TP, so that would be one quick solution, /diff 5
  5. I was on 5.
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