Wither Stars

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  1. Does anyone sell wither stars?
  2. i can sell you one for 25,ooor
  3. srry to much
  4. thats the lowest i can go
  5. srry i dont hav that much rupees
  6. When I have them, I sell them for 10k each, but I haven't really done much wither skeleton hunting lately. I can try...
  7. I think he means wither stars, not skulls.
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  8. yes, wither stars not skulls
  9. NETHER stars or wither SKULLS.

    I believe that's where the confusion has come from.
  10. I sell beacons 30k :D
  11. lol i just 25k and he said that was to much, what makes you think he will go for 30 XD
  12. Seems so,
    and 25k is a steal for a Star, as there is little difference between a Star and a Beacon,
    only some obsidian and some glass, which is nothing when you have just spent 25k lol.
  13. Yes, very confusing!
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  14. srry nvm i found a price and bought one