[wither skulls] Come collect them with me!

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  1. I have a base that have good spawn rates for withers, if you wanna come your welcome to join, im on SMP7 people are welcome to come, we will split the loot after (equally)
  2. Did you get any more?
  3. I'm in, how far out?
  4. Not that far surprisingly, i can do it soon, but we share the end result, dont worry its easy to kill the wither if you wanna spawn it in, but its easier to skype and do it, if you ahve skype just message me the name
  5. Naw, there's a bazillion containment cells on utopia.
  6. Well, what I was thinking is everyone gets 3 skulls to start with, like we both collect them and I give the 3 too you. Then after that your on your own I guess, but I really need to skype with you, as its easier
  7. Coop your cool, doing stuff like this. I'd love too! :D
  8. Sure mate! Do you have skype? Inbox me ya name
  9. Skype chat or video call?
  10. Okay possibly
  11. Awesome mate