Wither skull hunt :D

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  1. Ello everyone, we all are excited about 1.4, anvils, wither, frames, POTATOES, and more. From my knowledge about wither skellies and my experience of hunting them i am gonna tell you some useful info.

    1- Wither skull spawn in nether fortress, that means beware of ghast, zombiepigmans and blazes.
    2- They appear under light level 7.
    3- The more opportunity to find them are in fortress bridges.
    4- Beware of the wither effect.
    5- The probability of their wither skulls to drop is 2% with a non-looting sword, while with a looting III sword the probability is 3.25%.
    6- Dont rage, if you want wither skulls patience is your friend, (fact: i spend like all night getting 3 skulls)
    7- Dont be confidence, believe me you are in danger no matter what armor you got on.
    8- Best way to get safer to town when getting 3 skulls or the amount you want is the enderchest.
    9- If you want to go hunting for wither skulls, and you want to take a friend, it will take longer to get them.
    10- Have fun ;).

    Hope this is a usefull info for you. <3 sonic :oops:
  2. i'm too scuuured to go that far in to the Nether, *shakes in meh boots*
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  3. then take friends to be safe, friends that can always protect you :)
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  4. you're such an awesome member of the Empire! we need more of you! :)
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  5. índice.jpg
  6. They spawn more on bridges? Can you 'elaborate'?
  7. Not the corridors of the fortress. I'll see if I can find one...
  8. Nether bridges, the ones on the top, images.jpg a friend (lameidl, ask him he might know why :oops:) told me and it was true (sorry for the bad image, i google it)
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  9. They spawn MORE on the bridges of nether fortress
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  10. Can I be really picky and say that is level 7 AND less, not under?
  11. sure ;)
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  12. Yeah. I've made a trap with wither skeletons which spawn on the sidewalk, quite effective
  13. I gos wit yous and gides da wayz 2 fin us sum witer sculs mmmmmmkay?
  14. i had an extremely hard time reading that..... >.<
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  15. Translation xD: i go with you and guide the way to find us some wither skulls ooookkkkaay?
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