Wither Skeleton and I. Looks like 1.4 will be pretty cool.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by VITIRI, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. 2012-09-10_21.47.01.png
    I was messing around with the new 1.4 Snapshot and I took this screenshot. Looks like the Wither Skeleton is my new favorite mob.
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  2. Pretty cool.
  3. Looks.. intimidating..
  4. Is that a spawner?
  5. no its the new block called beacon

  6. I thought that was the beacon.
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  7. Was, but its been changed over the last few or 2 only snapshots
  8. Oh. :) My bad.... I just checked out the new snapshot... yeah that's a Beacon Block.
  9. cough cough whats the link cough cough
  10. Modded servers just sounds like cracked or hacked servers to me :)
  11. Noooo! The whole point of 1.4 is that it's all legit! These mods arn't like tekkit or any of the mods we've seen before. They will be released with the security that Mojang themselves wrote the code.
  12. Im going to kill loads witch will be hard as they do 3 hits then x_x You Died!
    and get 3 of their head drops and make a wither boss :D