Wither mia?

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by PsychcRabbit, Jul 23, 2013.

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  1. Hey there EMC yesterday me and DuckTapeCow was fighting The Wither in the wasteland center. So Duck and I die and then he disappear me and Duck spend 1 hour looking 4 him. I don't know if this is true but I think when no one around he disappears. but like I said I don't know can u guys help us?


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  2. I don't think that the Wither can despawn, maybe Aikar changed something about that?
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  3. did you take it into the spawn because if you did its probably the reason
  4. no we put it about 100 block away
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  5. i cant explain that
  6. I have been killed by the wither only twice (as far as you know) :cool: on EMC and both times, when I returned not only was the wither gone, so were my items (though I think they might have just been blown up...)
  7. well I got my stuff back but I am not sure Duck his.
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  8. 1. 100 blocks away is a really stupid idea. It could have killed people who weren't int he fight.

    2. It either despawned or went far out.
  9. Duck put about 100 blocks away not my idea :/
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  10. Always fight the wither underground.
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  12. true that
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  13. I got my stuff back
  14. It Was a Waste of 7.5k
  15. I found out the hard way :)
  16. how hard?
    1 easy hard
    2 little easy hard
    3 normal hard
    4 hard
    5 hard as the Wither
    6 hard as The End Dragon
    7 500 Wither Hard
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  17. It wasn't that hard, my friend and I had to chase it down with bows ;)
  18. the best way to fight him is to find a bedrock room (they are there just hard to find) and spawn him in that, then shot him till dead
  19. or a obsidian room
    and btw who has wither heads?
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  20. withers can blow up obsidian
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