Wither Killing Team

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by C_McFly, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. ok yall im looking for a few people that would like to team up sometimes to kill some withers. price of wither skeleton skulls will be divided among each other. Then the profits from actually killing the wither would be split into equal shares. If anyone is interested just please let me know.
  2. lol that made me laugh
  3. Id be up for it
  4. ok that sounds good
  5. ima get some sleep. if this thread gets enough hits i may say lets turn it into a service lol
  6. I would be interested in doing this
  7. A service like this kind of exists but I like how you split it between the people. Say 3 people buy 3 w skele heads each then each one gets a nether star with less work. Correct me if I am wrong and I am currently thinking about joining, I will be back.
  8. And I just realized who you were:)
  9. sure sounds fun :p
  10. anyone know where we can get some skulls tho cuz i cant seem to find any
  11. I'm in RandomZH has a few in stock I think
  12. what smp are they on
  13. nevermind i found him on smp1 and hes a bit pricey at 5k but i got my three skulls so when yall get urs let me know
  14. Should of mentioned that hehh