Wither In TOWN!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by nfell2009, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. Title says it!

  2. That is what is known as a mod. :cool:
  3. Get it on ur res and kill it! It can't attack you back
  4. Even more randomness!

    2012-10-31_14.43.51.png 2012-10-31_14.43.58.png 2012-10-31_14.45.15.png
  5. wait, why is there snow in that house... ?
  6. Press tab and see if any admins are on. They sometimes like to dress up :p
  7. I dont know... I removed it now

    We think its Chickeneer I want to report him for griefing.
  8. But you can't even place snow!
  9. I know! :O
  10. I think someone is on mob disguise. If they are disguised as a snowman then they leave snow wherever they go.
  11. Happy Halloween from the mods I guess.
  12. It is all client side - There is never actually snow there
  13. smp8 doesnt have anything fun goiung on :/
  14. Because SMP4 is: