Wither in smp1 town!

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  1. The res 1215 got a uexpected visiter - Wither Boss So here are some proof pics

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  2. After all of my warnings, he forgot to disable the Wither in town...

    Eyecar, this is why you should have written notes all over Max...
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  3. Is this actually in emc?
  4. Look at the chat channel format...
  5. Well give it some likes so aikar sees it!
  6. He'll see it without likes.... likes won't help him see it...
  7. huh. well this is pretty cool then.
  8. We yust got a picture of a 4 residences big slime il paste it in here!

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  9. What the heck. Is this because it's halloween?
  10. /d godzilla slime

    No, that is the actual command...
  11. It's Bigdavie and the slime was he, too
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  12. Its still interesting to watch a godzilla slime but im curios whaat vould a godzilla ender dragon look like?
  13. only slimes can be godzilla :(
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  14. Imagine a Godzilla Enderdragon.
  15. Imagine a godzilla Eyecar. THAT would be scary...
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  16. Godzilla TNT with the Godzilla Cow.... (Let's just stop thinking about this) :O

    Like the epicness of it.... :O
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  17. O tnt that big vould fit in my room maybe :p