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  1. Ok so Im not sure if it is just me or if others have had this issue, but I have killed well over 100 wither skeletons the past 2 days with looting 3 and 0 skulls.

    Not sure if this is supposed to happen or what because I have never had this issue before.

    If you know any info regarding this, please tell me in the comments.


  2. Oh, geez. When that update came out, I went into creative and spawned like three hundred skeles just to test it all out. I killed them all and ended up with about two skulls. They are seriously rare, and they are made more rare (or so it seems) by the fact that Wither skeles are comparatively dangerous to other hostiles. Whoops, kind of went off on a tangent. The skulls should be about as rare as a player head, so... 2.5% with looting.
  3. So I have to kill another 150 of them just to get a head.... doesnt seem worth it anymore... :(
  4. It was always like this, depends on your luck. You can get them either on your first try or on your 300th or 1000th try.
  5. Yea, but before I never had to kill 100+ before getting just one....
  6. I finally got one after about 150 kills.... FINALLY....
  7. The drop rate is 2.5% but doubles with Looting III so you have a good chance of getting about one skull for every twenty skeletons that you kill with a looting sword.

    I've spent a lot of time at a farm and sometimes have gone hours without a skull dropping. I've also gotten two in a row multiple times. Unless there is some new bug, I think if you keep whacking at them your luck will change.
  8. Yea im thinking I was over reacting because I got another right after i got the first so maybe i just gotta whack them and hope for the best.
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  9. Yeah, I have killed about 40 of them and I got 6. And I just did that today