Wither Battle

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What Should I Do

Fight one Wither 1 vote(s) 2.9%
Fight two Withers 3 vote(s) 8.8%
Fight three Withers 28 vote(s) 82.4%
Sell the skulls individually 2 vote(s) 5.9%
  1. Hey guys!

    So I'm at my wild outpost and I've been thinking of fighting another Wither. Then I thought, "Why not fight more?"

    I'm in the process of gathering 9 skulls and fighting 3 withers at a time (I'm gonna try recording it and posting it for ya'll to see)

    There are 3 people who will be fighting it/them with me. Just wanna know if ya'll think it's gonna be too hard/impossible or if it's even possible. Does their health just stack?

    Anyways, vote below!
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  2. We could also do 3 withers just one after another. Seems a little more boring to me though
  3. Do all 3.... i suggest u have a bed in a safe spot.... :p
  4. We travel to a nearby island. Wouldn't wanna ruin my outpost :p
  5. dig a hole, put a bed down, poblem solved :p
  6. Hmmm.. Seems a little better then traveling by boat. I like that idea :p.

    Do you know if the wither health bars will stack on top of each other or below each other? I'd rather know the health of them individually then it be smashed up together
  7. Their health will regenerate as a whole. But once all 3 turn like sparkley they wont regen anymore/
  8. 4 people now, assuming everyone is online and there.

    Currently gathering more skulls in case we wanna... I don't know... take on 4
  9. I'm game, let me know where, when and I'll confirm it with you.
  10. Time isn't set yet, but it's at my outpost in SMP 3 quite a bit away. I think I'm going to stick with just these four for the first time to see how it goes, sorry. Depending on difficulty, I might gather like 27 skulls and get a huge group together and go to a pretty close space. I'd have to come up with some good rules though / guidelines. I don't want it to be "Whoever picks up the star gets it" because I don't think that's really fair. I'll talk to some moderators/staff to figure out and event for that. Again, sorry about restricting it to the 4 people
  11. Make an obsidian box, enough room to fit three withers in. LIke the building, not the ACTUAL wither... :)
  12. Or make a wither trap. It is simple just craft him in a room then fill it with water, wait until he drawn
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  13. This will be good ;)
  14. Or dig to bedrock and cover their tops with obby
  15. Don't ya'll think 3-4 withers in a trap/underground would be too crowded? Giving them the open air will let them explore haha. Let my children breathe before killing them
  16. Nah, they'll float up too high. Do it deep underground.
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  17. Crazy ill be takin the journey later. and nah trapping them is easier.
  18. Easier isn't as fun though. With multiple people trapping would just be too confined in my opinion. Having them fly around shooting flaming skulls of death seems more fun to me
  19. Yes, agent j must fight
  20. That works?