Witch Farms - Still Broken

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  1. So I went out to my base today to see if witch farms were fixed yet, sadly no. I'm curious as to how you're gonna fix witch farms, cause just doing the same thing as you did with Wither Skeletons would be too over powered. I think that we should be able to contact a senior staff or admin and request for a witch spawner, then they'll check out your base to see if you had a legitimate witch hut, or atleast the remains of what a witch hut once was and turned into a farm.
  2. No... they plan to fix them but what would you rather have? A)Working Witch Hut or B)Dragon Tombs

    Personally I want option B first, and witch huts work, jut not the ones generated before 1.7
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  3. I'd rather have a working Witch Hut, I don't mind missing something I never really had, i.e. Dragon Tombs
  4. No, spawners would be bad. Aikar said that it will take a long time to fix the huts ;3
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  5. If you go out and find a new hut generated after we updated to 1.7 then you will have a working hut.
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  6. Really? :confused: Well, looks like I can make one still :D
  7. I'm pretty sure Aikar said he wouldn't bother with fixing old witch huts(not like it was a buttload of work :oops:). Oh well, now that they spawn like regular mobs i get a bunch in my darkroom.
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  8. They actually have done the same thing with Witch Huts as they have for Nether Fortresses: Nothing.

    The official reason paraphrased: They want to make sure that EMC is fun for the majority of players. The desires of a small vocal minority of farm builders comes after that.
  9. I have way too much around my witch hut to just go out and find a new one, like many others as well
  10. This is exactly what Aikar said. :)
  11. really? ive heard even newly generated ones wont work
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  12. Only Witch huts in 1.7.x rendered areas are the ones that supposedly work.. I have not really been looking for witch huts in newly rendered areas so I do not know really. The reason why the spawns broke in 1.7.x was that their programming is to spawn in a specific biome with special instructions, so although the pre-1.7 generated biomes were preserved the game spawning checks the location based off the seed and sees if the area is able to spawn that mobs. Since the seed says that an area is not the proper biome although the biomes were preserved and with the biome info stating that the pre-1.7 swamps you are walking through is a swamp, the seed might state that the biome is a mesa or ice spike post 1.7 and thus causes old witch farms from pre-1.7 to break.. :oops:
  13. That may be the case because of the Really Scary Update which moved witches out of their huts.. o3o
  14. Well, Aikar explained the problem with witch huts to me a little while back, and if you search you should still find a lot of discussion about the issue.

    The location of witch huts is determined by the world seed, it's not saved in the world file. In short, the new version of minecraft server isn't backward compatible and it breaks the old seed.

    Our wild must keep it's seed and the new server doesn't see any witch huts. While there are many ideas of how this might be addressed, none of them are simple and it doesn't effect bulk of the minecraft community outside of EMC. This means the problem may never be corrected by mojang or bukkit or any widely supported server, meaning any other solution EMC could invent will not be standards compliant and there is a good chance break with each new server update. Unstable at best.

    Fixing witch huts might be more work than dragon tombs and less interesting to most of EMC players. It is sad to say that a solution might never come.

    I understand you are unhappy that your build has been broken. I wish that I had a better answer for you.
  15. at some point after dragon tombs and potentially 1.8 (or in reverse) emc is gonna be filled with players coming back for dt and wild claiming and new ones flooding in

    at that point witchfarms will be seriously addressed along with a few other things

    even though it irks me that my 3+ witchfarms are all broken id rather that to be the order