Witch Bug?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by spartan0405, Aug 9, 2014.

  1. Are witches immune to arrows on level 7? I just shot one with a lucky bow and 18 shiny arrows and he didn't die. I switched to my flame 2, power 5 bow, pumped 10 more arrows into it and that didn't seem to have any effect either. This isn't the first time this has happened to me.

  2. I have found a huge gap between dif 5 and 6
    So sharp 5 diamond sword does 14 damage on difficulty 5 and 2 damage on difficulty 6
    That's on normal mobs or enraged mini bosses take 2 damage on difficulty 5 and 1 damage on difficulty 6
    Also with sharp 5 diamond. power five now does 16 range on difficulty 5 and 3 damage on difficulty 6
    That's when it's fully pulled back so mini bossed take 3 damage on difficulty 5 and 2 on difficulty 6

    If it's that low on 6 then it's very possible then what Spartan is saying is true and may or may not happen when u use a bow on difficulty 7

    Also is it possible to have a Monumentus and a marlix at the same time cause it happend to me about a month ago
  3. Yeah, sharpness, smite and power enchants don't work on levels 6 and up. Not on swords or bows but fire aspect and flame do work.

    I had never read anything about witches being immune to arrows though.
  4. witches heal pretty quickly, depending on how far back you are you might be outside its activation range tho meaning you cant see it drinking