Wish us luck...

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  1. There is a durracheo (don't tell me I spelled that wrong...) (A very huge storm) And both me and ICC have a high tornado risk in our area :( Our power may be out for a loooooooong time. There is a High risk of heavy tornados over Milwaukee. The rain has already started. The lights are flickering... I'm not sure how long this power will last so I'm going to make this short and not explain what a durracheo is. (Look it up)

    Wish us luck...
  2. im very sorry boozle, i don't understand how it is to be in a high risk storm area, but i know you will get through it and so will ICC. hopefully your power doesn't go out, but if it does, then hopefully it will come back on ASAP, then you can get back to EMC. Then we can party for your safe return... and that of ICC of course!
  3. I know the feeling:p
    It's pouring here too, were probably in the same storm system. Only a couple hundred miles away :p
    (I'm being serious)
  4. It rained for us here breifly, but there is no tornado threats over here.
    I'll be praying for your saftey and for the saftey of the cow :)
  5. D: never been in that sort of situation. Hope all goes well!
  6. May the Luck from my name help you and everyone else effected by the storm. Hope the best for you guys ;)
  7. i live close to the mountains in colorado, they block tornados for me:)
  8. GL bro, I think I know where the Heavy Rain this morning came from...
  9. I have a huge storm coming my way tonight, most likely the remnants of your storm.

    Also just realized ICC and you live in the same area. You should visit each other sometime :p
  10. Okay... My power is out. I just recently found my iphone and am posting this quick so I can save my battery life...
  11. wow that sucks same happened to me two days ago lightning almost hit my house so the power went out, and stop posting on EMC if you're dang power is out we can hear you're story later
  12. So that is where the rain came from yesterday.. I'm not sure though since I'm up in Maine
  13. Whatever the power people did worked... My power is back on! I would have a party on EMC, but I am leaving for the outer banks in a half hour... :p I'll have a party on tuesday when I get back home. :D
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  14. Never know you lived in wisconsin.
  15. Nahh... My storm looks like it is heading south towards DC. Or maybe New York. On going to put a few million out of power... No big deal right?
  16. Overreacting a bit maybe?...
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  17. I've never been through a really bad storm but good luck :)
  18. My area typically gets these kind of storms this time of year [though slightly weaker and more scattered]
    It's unfortunate cold Canadian air and Warm remnants of hurricanes stir up such intense storms for us.
    Good Luck to those still in its path
  19. Aaaaaaaahhhh… The outer banks is relaxing.

    However, I am off my normal time. This sucks... its ten pm and I'm actually tired.
    However, the scenery is beautiful.
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  20. Looks very nice!