Wish sstrngmnm a Happy one year on EMC!!

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  1. Sup everyone, I can't believe one year on EMC has hit already. It feels just like yesterday when I decided to search for a fun server to join so I would actually have a reason to play Minecraft. I can remember being up late the night I joined searching for a server, somehow stumbling upon this server called Empire Minecraft, thought I would check it out, completed the tutorial, and thus began my journey. Also, I remember getting a non-existent hello from members that happened to be on that night, because it was so late for me, and playing around on the server for probably a good hour, maybe 2. Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed my time on the server, all the friends I've met, with some becoming the most... interesting group of people I've ever met;). I didn't regret picking this server back then, and even through thick and thin, have managed to stick around and annoy my friends to great lengths for 1 whole year and counting.

    Thanks for all the fun times, Hope to see you people on the server soon ;)

    (Still reading..... Good news, There may or may not be something for this occasion. sstrngmnm and The SS Foundation still have to think of what they would like to do for everyone. Stay tuned :))
  2. Happy One Year!
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  3. Grats on one year!
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  4. Happy one year on EMC Sstrngmnm!
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  5. Glad to see old people on EMC :D
  6. I may have some good stories of the old times on EMC, but I'll save those plus the boredom for another time
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  7. What brought you to EMC? How did you "stumble" upon EMC?
  8. I wish I could tell you, but I really don't remember what drove me to EMC. I think I just found it on like the MC forums or something like that, and decided to join in on all the fun
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  9. Its was JustinGuy's Force most likely.
  10. Yes, his awesomeness and his persuasive way of telling me all the features made me feel so excitied, thus here I am
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  11. I remember when I joined EMC when SMP4 was the new one, It's name in my server list is Minecraft Server Big I Think xD
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  12. It always works. :p
  13. I guess the reason Justin is never around the server is due to his extreme persuasive ways of getting people to join the server?
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  14. He is still here. He's working with the cloud server and stuff like that.