Wisepsn's Repairment Service

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  1. Welcome to Wisepsn's Repairment Service.

    While some of my services are on hold and I can't start The Golden Project atm, I decided this would be time to open WRS[Wisepsn's Repairment Service.]

    What do we do?

    At WRS, if you have a pickaxe or armour that needs to be repaired, you can rely on our succesful services! We will repair and add any names or enchantments* you want, in a short amount of time! You will get your handy diamond pickaxe in almost no time! Thats right! Almost no time! So here is how it works:

    Types of items we will repair, rename, or add enchantments too:

    Any pickaxe, swords, shovels, hoes, and axes!
    • Any armour type, leather, iron, diamond, chainmail, or gold!
    • Any other item that can be enchanted legitly.(PM for more information)[/list]

    So what are you waiting for? Enchant now!

    Repairing for levels 20 and under is 450 rupees.
    Repairing for levels 21 - 31 is 750 rupees.
    Repairing for levels 32 and higher is 1250 rupees.

    * Enchantments have to be paid by yourself.
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  2. Hmmm well could you do a custom enchant for me? If so i need new diamond armor. I would like full god armor and will pay 7k