Wipple's IRL Birthday Drop Party!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by wipple5, Jul 18, 2014.


Will you be there?

YES =D 11 vote(s) 78.6%
No D= 3 vote(s) 21.4%
  1. Hello!
    Tomorrow is my birthday IRL and to celebrate I will be hosting a birthday drop party! Everyone should get at least something and some lucky people will get lots of items. The residence that this is hosted on will be res 2018. The date of the drop party will be on the 20th (decided) July (I am busy on my actual birthday). This will be hosted at 3pm EMC time. I am looking for donations of either rupees or items to support the drop party. If you would like to donate rupees pay them to wipple5, if you would like to donate items drop them in the hoppers at 2018! All donations are appreciated butt please no dirt. If you are donating items and want your name on the donation list, pm me if I'm online or post below :)
    SkareCboi donated 2 DC raw beef and a DC full of mixed items including 2 picks worth over 10k each!
    weeh_666 donated 5 enchanted bows and a stable voucher!
    Faithcaster donated a Flaming Mob Launcher!!!

    foxhead1 donated 1,000r!
    Tenotus donated 1,000r!
    TheTwoShowCow donated 1,000r!
    820327 donated 10,000r!

    Thanks for reading and I hope you can get there!
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  3. Ill try and make. I'll also donate some stuff Happy Birthday
  4. Happy birthday when it arrives :)
  5. Happy early birthday.
  6. Date is confirmed at 3pm on the 20th july.
  7. AWH! I didn't realize the drop party was for your birthday! :eek:
    Stop by 1366 when you get a chance. I may have left something there for you. :p
  8. AWW, thats so kind. Thanks! So sad you cant make it D:
  9. Thanks to faithcaster for donating a flaming mob launcher!
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