[WIP] The Rainbow Melon Casino

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  1. So, the title says it all. A new Casino is coming to an Empire near you. So far we have some of the body, we started yesterday :p Please review :)

  2. Good but If I may can I suggest some improvements?
    Make the door more circular, I don't know why it just looks a lot more hospitable to me
    And make the 'CASINO' letters inside with a common block (all out of emerald blocks or something and all capitals.
  3. yes you could use thing like redstone ore, lapis blocks, and emrald ores.
  4. Thanks guys. We'll try to work on it :)
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  5. Thank the lord! Finally a place I can waste my money! :D
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  6. Can I help with it. I was helping with a shop then the owner got banned...
  7. I'm sorry, we have 3 people working on it,and we already have it planned out. Feel free to come by when it's done!

    Feel free to sponsor a floor when it comes to it :p
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  8. How much to sponsor?
  9. Phew, a lot a floor. JackBiggin only costs 25k, as he is advertising all over the Wiki. Between 75-100k.

    By the way, we have started building on EMC! Got to 641, and look to your left. Thanks!