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  1. Hi everybody!
    Today, I'd like to show you my first major EMC project, Orion Tower. As you can see from the screenshots, it is not a tower yet and is still heavily in progress.

    Now, let's check out the inside of this cobblestone cube.

    The first floor you see above is called the Lobby.

    Here, you can see the river, bridge, check-in desk, and a painting. It's not in the picture, but there is a small sofa to the right.

    Now, on to the Elevator.

    You're probably thinking "Wait, you can't get to more than one area with a single teleporter!" I don't. If you step on the pressure plate it takes you to...

    ...the Elevator Room. This unique system uses a small underground room full of individual teleporters. This system allows you to expand easily and go directly to the floor you want instead of going down or up multiple teleporters. You can even take the elevator to other buildings, as seen on the right. (See why Minecraft is awesome? Modern RL elevators could never do that. :) )

    We won't be going to the ShuttleShop in this tour because it has two chests in it right now and is nowhere near complete. But we will check out the other floors.

    Welcome to the second floor. If you look through the double doors you see...

    ...the Balcony. This is pretty simple, and it's open to the public. It even has a public melon vending machine! No need to buy a suite!

    Speaking of suites, I currently have 3 open suites. I'll explain each in detail.

    The Master Suite-175R Owned by RED_Spy1

    On to the Miner Suite!
    Miner Suite-75R
    The Miner Suite is for the wilderness freak and the person who doesn't have very much space to store things.

    This suite features:
    • 15 (!) single chests
    • Crafting Table
    • Furnace

    Next, the Classic Suite.

    Classic Suite-50R
    This is similar to the suite that most hotels have: just the basics. The Classic Suite is for the person that is looking for good value in a cheap suite.
    This suite features:
    • Crafting Table
    • Furnace
    • Double Chest
    • Free lava bucket (in the chest)
    • Deluxe Bed

    Now for the final suite:
    The Modern Suite.

    The Modern Suite-100R
    This suite is for the Minecraftian who loves modern architecture and design.

    This suite features:
    • The Epic Bed! (Bed is in the "pit", and it's a double bed.
    • Wall-to-wall glass
    • Glowstone and Fire Lighting
    • "Decorative Basics", as shown here:

    And now for the NEW third floor; the Indoor Pool.

    This floor is your typical Minecraft pool, with a couple enhancements. Like many pools, it has lounge chairs.

    One of the cool things I've added is a Mini Concession Stand. This automated stand sells melon slices and cookies at a rupee each, making them cheap pool/wild food.

    And now for the pool itself. It's a large square pool with a hot tub. Due to the fact that the hot tub is smaller, the glowstone heats the water more, eliminating the need for fire under glass.

    There's also a chest of soft wool towels when you get out. It'll clean off your diamond armor with a single swipe.

    Well, this concludes our tour of the WIP Orion Tower. If you'd like to:

    Check it out yourself:
    Go to 7449 on SMP3.

    Buy a suite:
    Send me a PM on the forums OR
    If I'm online , shoot me an @message.

    Note: I've run out of pictures. Not sure what to do... :(

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  2. As of right now, all the suites are available.
    In other words: BUMP
  3. Great work love the rooms :)
  4. I may take a Master Suite. I need a place to stay on every server other than smp7.
  5. Nice job mate ;)
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  6. i may want the modern suite! :D
  7. Updated the post with Floor 3! On the other hand, I've hit the 20 image cap, and I have no idea what to do. :mad:
  8. i want the modern suite, will pay you later
  9. OK! Make sure you send me a message on the forums-that way, I can get the place set up faster. :)
  10. Btw is it pernament?
  11. Yep! :D
  12. I unclaimed my res, so can a mod please lock this? SuperVal, if you paid me, I'll refund 100%. :)

    I'm also starting a new project on SMP1. No details yet.