[WIP] Iron Hotel

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  1. I'm building a hotel out of iron and glowstone blocks, my motive is to influence other people to construct amazing, giant and expensive structures on SMP4, because, as for now most of SMP4 is a wasteland, with only 8x8 wooden homes.

    The red color indicates on what's not finished or not started, the yellow and green colors indicate on what's done.

    -Underground iron bunker [X] - There was a bunker underground but it was to deep, I had to tear it apart.
    -A floor of 10 very small rooms for rent[X]
    -A floor of 6 small rooms for rent[X]
    -An entrance [√]

    -Available Space [not planned] - Perhaps will be a room dedicated for Project Iron City
    -A floor of 4 small+ rooms for rent[√]
    -Available Space [not planned] - Future food farm
    -A floor of 2 large rooms for rent[√]
    -3 floor of 2 large+ rooms for rent[X]
    -2 floors of 1 giant room[X]
    -A floor of 1 giant+ room[X]
    -A floor of 2 giant penthouses[X]

    Perhaps my plans will change in the future because I might have a better idea, but for now these are my plans.

    Here are some pictures:
    The roof of the floor with the 2 large rooms for rent, I'm changing the shape of the structure to a circle

    One of the large rooms, everything you see in the picture is inside the large room

    The floor with 4 small rooms for rent

    For those who are interested - SMP4 resident 8901

    This iron hotel is only a preview for Project Iron City.
    Project Iron City is in short a city in wilderness made out of iron blocks, big and tall buildings.
    I will post a thread about the Project after the dragon update.
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  2. Looks very cool!
  3. Youre an Iron Addict like everyone says in smp4