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  1. Hiya friends!! It's here! It's finally here! Winter Break! No more tests, no more teachers, no more WORK! I'm going on winter break for 2 weeks starting at 5:00 EMC Time tonight. Remember, on Wednesday, December 23rd, to the next Tuesday, I'll be away again, in Disney.
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  2. going to disney again? :) thats fantastic
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  3. Have fun
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  4. Fam you so lucky ;-; I don't get break until the 24th
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  5. Meanwhile, I got 3 tests and a quiz on my last day of school before break...
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  6. My break starts tomorrow.
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  7. I still have 2 tests this week
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  8. Yeahhhh.
    oh my

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  9. 1 more day to go +.+
  10. cool have a great trip :)
  11. School tomorrow but seeing star wars movie ;) and then 2 weeks off :p

    But normally you would get homework over a break...

    Have a Nice trip :D
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  12. Good luck
    Hmm.. I get two weeks, but I get no work. Our teachers are nice and don't give us any work.
  13. Maybe cuz im older ;-;
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  14. In the real world, there is no winter break :rolleyes::oops:
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  15. Wow, for some reason, I thought schools in the states got more time for Christmas than two weeks.

    My condolences, have fun! I'm going to do a bit of traveling myself. :)
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  16. What is this "real world" you speak of?
  17. When you have a job and have left school.
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  18. A day left... You... Can... Do i-i... *falls feverishly on ground* ughhh...
  19. Mojang's Minecraft developers will be off work for Christmas.
  20. What if you have both?