Winter Quarters Outpost (WQO) -- Introduction

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  1. Hello fellow Empire Minecraftians! I come before you today to speak of a new outpost - The Winter Quarters. Currently there are only a few members and the location is secret, but we would like to give you a chance to join our community. This is a private group so you must apply, and not all applications are accepted. We will be initiating the first wave of new members 6/7/13 so get your applications in A.S.A.P. if you want to join.

  2. I would love to join? What should my application look like?
  3. I put in a app :)
  4. What does ING stand for?
  5. oops, thats supposed to be IGN (in game name)
  6. What does IGN stand for then? xD
  7. In Game Name
  8. aaaaaaah xD
  9. Today is the last day to get your applications in if you want be in the first wave of new members.

  10. I'm applying right now! But I was wondering why the "Lastly, anything we have forgotten or you would like to add." is required. :confused:
  11. If there is nothing you want to add just say no